Sauce Recipes

  1. Thumbnail for Sun-dried Tomato Pesto

    Sun-dried Tomato Pesto

    Sundried tomato pesto is a vibrant and robust condiment bursting with the rich flavors of sun-drenched tomatoes, aromatic herbs, and toasted nuts, creating a harmonious blend that adds a tangy and savory punch to a variety of dishes. Its concentrated essence encapsulates the Mediterranean sun in every spoonful, elevating pasta, sandwiches, and appetizers with a burst of Mediterranean flair.
  2. Thumbnail for Basil Pesto

    Basil Pesto

    Basil pesto is a fragrant and vibrant sauce that captures the essence of fresh basil leaves, combined with the nutty richness of pine nuts and the sharp tang of grated Parmesan, resulting in a harmonious and versatile culinary delight. Its verdant hue and bold flavor make it a beloved companion to pasta, pizzas, and bruschettas, infusing dishes with a burst of herbal freshness. The perfect summer sauce for pizza or pasta!
  3. Thumbnail for Buttermilk Avocado Dressing

    Buttermilk Avocado Dressing

    This recipe is packed full of amazing flavor and can be used as a sauce or marinade.
  4. Thumbnail for Tomato Ketchup

    Tomato Ketchup

    The perfect tomato ketchup!
  5. Thumbnail for Tomatillo Jalapeño Hot Sauce

    Tomatillo Jalapeño Hot Sauce

    If you are anything like me you need hot sauce on anything and everything! This is a great go-to recipe that is bright and delicious!
  6. Thumbnail for Southwest Chipotle Sauce

    Southwest Chipotle Sauce

    The perfect summer sauce as a dip or dressing!
  7. Thumbnail for Homemade Vanilla Extract

    Homemade Vanilla Extract

    When easy meets delicious... Make this for yourself and for super cute gifts!
  8. Thumbnail for Tzatziki Sauce

    Tzatziki Sauce

    The perfect summer sauce!
  9. Thumbnail for Hollandaise Sauce

    Hollandaise Sauce

    Hollandaise sauce can seem intimidating but it doesn’t need to be! This method is fail-proof and will dress up many meals!
  10. Thumbnail for Cranberry Sauce

    Cranberry Sauce

    Put down the store-bought canned cranberry sauce because homemade cranberry sauce is so easy and oh so good! This recipe is the perfect balance of sweet and tangy!