About Scratch Pantry

Welcome to Scratch Pantry, a resource for all things related to scratch cooking, gardening, DIY projects, and food preservation. We are passionate about celebrating the joys of homemade meals and empowering individuals to embrace their culinary creativity.

We believe that there is something truly special about starting from scratch. This website is dedicated to providing you with scratch cooking recipes, helpful articles, and practical tips that will inspire you to roll up your sleeves and embark on culinary adventures right in your own kitchen.

Cooking from scratch allows you to take control of your ingredients, ensuring that every dish is made with love and the finest quality produce. Our extensive collection of recipes covers a wide range of cuisines and dietary preferences, so whether you're a seasoned chef or a beginner in the kitchen, you'll find something delicious to suit your taste buds.

Preserving the bounty of your garden or farmers market haul is an art in itself, and our canning and food preservation articles will guide you through the process. Discover the secrets of pickling, fermenting, and preserving fruits, vegetables, and herbs so that you can enjoy the flavors of the season all year round.

About Becky

Hi! I’m Becky with Scratch Pantry—although, you may know me better from YouTube on my Acre Homestead channel.

The Scratch Pantry is a resource center for Becky's Acre Homestead community. Some Acre Homestead YouTube videos and Instagram posts will include links to recipes or instructions on this website.

Thanks for stopping by!

Becky from Acre Homestead

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