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  1. Thumbnail for Crack Corn Dip

    Crack Corn Dip

    This is lovingly known as crack corn dip because it is so good. You won’t be able to stop eating it!
  2. Thumbnail for Braised Maple Kale Chicken

    Braised Maple Kale Chicken

    DinnerMain DishesChicken
    If you want an EASY and impressive meal for a dinner party or an easy weeknight meal, this recipe checks all the boxes! It has the perfect balance of sweet and savory and it helped my husband fall in love with me.
  3. Thumbnail for Apple Coffee Cake

    Apple Coffee Cake

    Your family will love this apple-spiced coffee cake for breakfast or dessert any time of the year!
  4. Thumbnail for Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate

    Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate

    This is the perfect drink for a hot summer day! It has the perfect balance of sweet and tart which your whole family will love!
  5. Thumbnail for Base Granola Recipe

    Base Granola Recipe

    This granola recipe allows you to be creative and make your own custom granola.
  6. Thumbnail for Strawberry Vanilla Almond Granola

    Strawberry Vanilla Almond Granola

  7. Thumbnail for Easy Homemade French Bread

    Easy Homemade French Bread

    This is the EASIEST and BEST bread! If you have never made bread before, no worries! Try this and be impressed with your own cooking skills!
  8. Thumbnail for Sea Foam Candy

    Sea Foam Candy

    Sea Foam Candy also known as Honey Comb is a family favorite. It is a very easy candy to make. All you need is a candy thermometer and you are set!
  9. Thumbnail for Peppermint Patties

    Peppermint Patties

    If you need a no-bake chocolate treat this is it! It will be a winner with all the chocolate-mint lovers you know!
  10. Thumbnail for Easy Valentine’s Day Nougat

    Easy Valentine’s Day Nougat

    This easy nougat recipe is so easy and yummy! You can make it for gifts or for a holiday!

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