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The Happy, Hassle-Free Hosting Guide provides an easy-to-follow plan for hosting a successful event. With its detailed templates and examples, the guide simplifies the event-planning process, eliminating the hassle of planning and providing a streamlined, stress-free approach. Learn how to plan an event and be confident in the results.

Resources and Downloads

Resource links and downloads including the following:

  • Downloadable PDF: The Happy, Hassle-Free Hosting Guide
  • Downloadable PDFs: Planning Templates
    • Invitation Details
    • Guest List
    • Menu Planner
    • Shopping List
    • Timeline Planners
  • Downloadable PDF: Example "Mock Party" with filled out versions of the planning templates listed above.


Five lessons breaking down the various stages of event planning, preparation, and hosting.

1. Planning the Party
Includes Video

Learn to choose the perfect date and time, select an ideal venue (which doesn't have to be your home!), and master the art of creating a guest list that ensures a great time for all.

2. Creating and Sending Invitations
Includes Video

Delve into the art of crafting event invitations—a pivotal element in successful event planning. Learn how to provide your guests with essential information while also giving them the opportunity to communicate their specific needs. Discover the key components to include as well as effective invitation delivery methods tailored to each guest's preference.

3. Planning the Menu
Includes Video

In this lesson, we'll simplify the menu planning process, ensuring that it's both enjoyable and stress-free. Learn how to define a theme or purpose for your gathering, whether it's a holiday celebration or an event honoring someone special. We'll also provide practical tips for crafting a well-rounded menu while considering cost-saving strategies.

4. Procuring Food
Includes Video

This lesson covers essential aspects of menu planning and preparation for your event. Gain insights into menu planning, including options for those who prefer not to cook and ideas for accommodating food allergies and dietary restrictions. Learn how to estimate food quantities in order to prepare your shopping lists.

5. Creating Event Timeline
Includes Video

This lesson explores the art of creating a timeline for hosting hassle-free gatherings. Covering everything from pre-party preparations to the day of the event, this lesson offers a step-by-step guide on what to include in your timeline. You will discover strategies for shopping, cleaning, decorating, cooking, and serving, ensuring a well-organized and stress-free hosting experience. Ultimately, the lesson emphasizes that the goal of hosting should be creating enjoyable and memorable moments, embracing imperfections along the way.