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Pantry Essentials to Inflation-Proof your Pantry

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Keeping a stocked pantry is one of my passions! For me, food in our pantry and freezer is Food Insurance! And buying in bulk keeps you ahead of increasing prices due to inflation.

Here is a list of things that I always keep stocked because I consider them to be pantry essentials:

  1. Sugar/Sweetener - I only buy cane sugar because you can make powdered sugar and brown sugar with it as well. It can also be stored long-term. If you don’t use sugar, keep on hand whatever sweetener you use. Bulk Organic Cane Sugar
  2. Blackstrap Molasses - I buy a gallon of molasses at a time. This can add flavor to savory dishes and also allows you to make brown sugar with cane sugar. One-Gallon Blackstrap Molasses
  3. White Flour - I buy 50 lb bags of flour. If you’re gluten-free or make your own flour, stock those instead. Bulk Organic Flour
  4. Leavening Agents:
    1. Baking Soda (also good for cleaning)
    2. Baking Powder (stock 1 or 2 because it does have a shelf life so don’t keep a big bucket)
    3. Yeast (this allows you to make your own biscuits, pizza dough, bread, etc.). Yeast is so much more expensive if you buy the little packets and is one thing that has gone up in price recently. It also lasts years and years so stock up now! One Pound of Yeast
  5. Fats - I like to stock 2 different fats - a solid fat like butter that I freeze and use for biscuits, baking, toast, etc… and a liquid fat like olive oil for salad dressings, pan searing, mayonnaise, and things like that. Grass-Fed Butter and Organic Olive Oil
  6. Dried Milk: Powdered Milk and Powdered Buttermilk - Fantastic to keep on hand for baking or making seasonings like ranch. I make them myself with my freeze-dryer. Organic Milk Powder and Butter Milk Powder
  7. Dried Eggs - You can buy whole eggs powdered. They are great for quick scrambled eggs, muffins, cakes, etc. So useful to have on hand if you run out of eggs. Freeze Dried Eggs
  8. Vinegar - This is THE staple to keep. Good for cooking, cleaning, food preservation, pickles, etcetera.
  9. Salt - Salt is so important because it is the world’s first and best food preservation method and it is essential to life! I might be a little nerdy about it but I love food and am passionate about it! Salt is used in almost every recipe and meal because it’s good for us and makes things taste good. The salt we have to be afraid of is in prepackaged food because there’s so much of it and we can’t control it but the salt we use at home should not be feared! Redmond Real Salt is mined in Utah.
  10. Oats - We eat oats all the time. Full of protein and fiber. Super affordable although the price is increasing so stock up now! Bulk Organic Oats
  11. Dried Beans and Rice - Probably the 2 most popular prepper items are beans and rice but the number one rule for pantry storage is to store what you eat. If you buy things that you don’t eat they won’t get eaten. If your family prefers lentils buy those instead. Brown rice does not have as long of a shelf life as white rice so it’s nice to have both on hand.

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